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Jeremy, Julien, and Christian met at university in London and just like any other students were looking for that extra sip of caffeine. While traditionally energy drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients they were looking for a better source of energy. They came across the Amazonian superfood plant "yerba mate" which is used for centuries for its uplifting effect. This surely was the solution for a long-lasting boost of energy and focus. It was so convincing that they wanted to give credit to this powerful plant and created UK's first organic energy drink powered by yerba mate. BRIO literally means to perform with vigor and vitality. That is the spirit that every BRIO can should help you achieve.

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Johan Djourou

As a former football player at Arsenal London and the Swiss National team, Johan knows that a natural source of energy is paramount to perform at your best. Johann joined the BRIO team’s mission to promote a healthy energy drink.

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We are producing locally in Switzerland and France. Our production process is carefully monitored and executed to ensure that every can of BRIO Mate delivers the same great taste. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to maintain the integrity of our ingredients, ensuring that the health benefits of yerba mate are not compromised during the manufacturing process.